7 Different Logo Types : Which one is right for your business ?

A logo is a visual symbol used to instantly identify a company, organization, product or brand. Logos have become an integral part of companies’ brand identities. A widely and instantly recognized logo is a valuable asset for any company.

While a million decisions go into finding the right logo for your company, we’ve made a list of the main types of logos to help make the logo-selection process less painful. Mainly there are Seven types of logos

1. Pictorial Marks (Brand marks)

Brand marks or pictorial marks are logos that are made up of a graphic symbol or icon, one that (usually) represents a real-world object like coffee mug or an outline of a bird. This object could tell the story of what your company does.


a) clean-cut and easy to remember.

b) If you offer a specific service, an image representing that will send a quick, clear message to your audience.

c) The simplicity of the design will translate well when resizing your logo across branding materials like business cards or letterheads.

Example : Snapchat , Apple, Twitter.

2. Abstract Logo Marks

Like a brand mark logo, an abstract logo consists of just a symbol – but one that is tailor-made for you. This type of image doesn’t necessarily mimic an object that exists in real life; rather, it’s a unique logo that’s designed to express something specific about your brand.


a) Abstract logos are versatile and are easy to use in many applications.

b) For a company that does several distinct things, a well-thought out abstract mark may be the perfect logo

Example : Pepsi, PayPal, Huawei

3. Mascot logo

Logos that are primarily dominated by mascots, or illustrated characters that are cartoon-like and fun. Mascot logo is as a strong brand spokesperson, as the logo itself acts as the main “brand ambassador” of a business.


a) Mascots give their audience a warm-and-fuzzy feeling, which leads to creating a distinctly memorable brand.

b) Most appealing to children.

c) Very benifitial in food industry

Example : KFC, Pillsbury, Kellogg’s.

4. Wordmark Logos (Logotypes)

Wordmark or logotype are those logos that are made utilizing the alphabetical letters of the business name, product or services. It is the unique text-only typographic treatment of the business name to make it identifiable as the brand identity or logo.


a) No one has to do any guessing when they see a wordmark, it’s quite clear what company the logo represents.

b) Perfect type of logo for companies with unique and catchy names.

Example : Google, FedEx, Calvin Klein

5. Monogram (Letter mark)

A monogram logo is a decorative design made up of a combination of one to three letters (traditionally three) to create a single symbol. Monogram logos are commonly used to represent the initials of a person or business.


a) Lettermarks turn your lengthy business name into an identifiable brand identity.
b) If you’re a new/small business who needs to get their name out there.

Example : LG , CNN, Louis Vuitton

6. Combination Marks

A combination mark is simply Wordmark and logomark combined into one logo. Text and image are combined to enhance the branding message and helps clarify what a business is all about. There are however integrated and stand alone combination marks.


a) With both symbols and letters at your disposal, you can use your logo to craft a clear brand message that sticks.

b) The combination also allows for easy rebranding. As people are well aware of both your symbol and letters, they are not likely to confuse even if you change one.

c) Both Text and Symbol can be used individually based on the placement.

Example : Burger King, Master Card, Doritos

7. Emblem Logo

An emblem logo consists of text inside a symbol or an icon like badges, seals and crests. These logos tend to have a traditional appearance about them that can make a striking impact on viewers, thus they are often the go-to choice for many schools, clubs or iconic figures.


a) Emblems are memorable, and they lend an air of traditionalism and importance to your brand.

b) They give the impression that your company has been around forever.

Example : Starbucks, Harley Davidson, Batman