8 Millet House

With established offices in India and USA, 8 MILLET was founded with a mission to promote millets globally.

8 Millet was founded on 2017 in the city of pearls, Hyderabad. With Restaurants at multiple locations and 100+ retail products, 8 Millet has presence in few multiple locations of India and USA. They aspired to grow as a national brand and needed an avatar that could serve the purpose. The 4 month long Branding exercise resulted in an amazing output which helped the brand grow by 50% in next two years.

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  • 8 Millet House
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  • Food Retail, Restaurant
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  • 1200
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The Brand needed Brand identify that could represent it’s core values – Healthy living and Eco-friendly. The challenge was to incorporate these values with a modern form of communication that will engage more audience.
We made a range of creatives to tell the story of the brand, and engage the customers. We used the 8 design from logo to communicate the new story in an abstract manner. The letter 8 and orange color were majorly used to create a unique Brand identify throughout all platforms. Though the logo and Branding elements were very simple, they provided a modern avatar that was ready for national and international markets.
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8millet website


We created two different websites for the Brand’s Indian and US clients. The Indian site was exclusively developed to showcase the new brand story, retail products, locations of their stores and franchise information. Whereas the US site was an eCommerce build up, designed to sell some exclusive retail products of Brand.

Software Development

We Developed an exclusive Enterprise Resource Planning software to handle the sales, purchases, stock management, exports and other vital functions of the organisation. From the POS software used in outlets to exports management software, we integrated all of them together to generate various reports instantly with a single click.
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This is an excellent company! I personally enjoyed the energy and the professional support the whole team gave us in creating our Brand.
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