Indeed…. times of have changed. Have you?

It was a late Saturday evening. Rahul and his family are returning from a party at his cousin’s house celebrating the birth of their new child. Purva is already planning for next day’s shopping and going over the list of things to buy. She remembers one of her friend’s telling that the area they are passing through has a nice Indian Grocery that keeps attractive deals once in a while. The family still has time to get home and Rahul has an idea – why not finish up the shopping in this area to free up the Sunday morning to catch up on a movie they have been waiting to watch. He opens his phone, taps on app that shows the Indian/Asian Groceries nearby… and even pops up the deals currently on offer. They make their way to the store that has all the products they need and with attractive deals. It’s a Saturday evening well spent with money savings, and it will be a good Sunday morning with some quality time for the family.

The amazing thing about this story is that it is now a reality!

Let us take a step back. Is there anyone out there who does not use an app for something or the other in a day. The answer is a definite ‘No’. The single biggest revolution in our lives over the past five years has been ‘the apps driving a lot of our work, life and commerce’. From how we share information to stay in touch; from how we read news to get entertained; from how we stay fit to shop for goods… the apps – mainly on phone and tablet – have redefined our lives as simpler, faster, cheaper and better. And it is the last activity – how we shop for goods – that has changed dramatically with the app revolution.

As an owner of an Indian or Asian Grocery store, have you thought about being a part of the revolution? What’s in it for me, you may ask. Today, a mobile phone has virtually become the single point 24/7 gateway for consumers to look for information, compare options and make choices. What if your Grocery is up there easily accessible to consumers on their phones? Three big benefits:

  1. You will no longer spend lots of money, resources and time in run of the mill, not so useful traditional marketing like coupons, vouchers, mail or even online banners. Instead you will dramatically reduce your marketing budget and use the money wisely in directly reaching customers through the app created exclusively for Indian/Asian Grocery stores.
  2. You will no longer depend on just your neighborhood as your customer base. Your store has a presence in the app; and by virtue of that it is searchable for anyone using the app. That’s not all, whenever a customer is in a 50-miles vicinity your store automatically pops up in the app with all its deals.
  3. You will no longer push deals to attract customers. You will pull customers to your store. How? The app gives customers the choice to create wish lists of products. When your deals match their wish lists, they are automatically alerted. Any customer looking for stores/deals in your area is given an alert about your store. They are even given an opportunity to ‘reserve’ a product and visit the store at a later time for pick up. Wait. We have not finished. You can even turn them into happy returning customers with redeemable reward points. Yes! We will pull customers.

Exciting! Yes. Changing times! Yes, and it is a great change for the better. How do I join this exciting change? Well. We have figured that out for you. RUP Tech Corp has launched an innovative, exciting app (available on all devices and both iOs and Android platforms) for Indian and Asian Groceries. You guessed it right. It is called Grocer Deals.

It makes life easy and exciting for customers. It makes business simple, better and more profitable for store owners. The launch period comes with some very exciting offers for the store owners. So, what are you waiting for?. Read all the details.